Corporate Identity for the “Augsburger Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V.” This student project was all about visual notation systems for “New Music” also known as “20th-century classical music”.

Each student had to explorer shapes, colors, type­faces and images that convey the diversity of New Music. Starting from this point of research and experi­mentation a dynamic identity system was developed. It was presented in an internal competition.

Disciplines:Branding, Cinematography, Graphic Design

Poster Designs

What is “New Music”?

“New Music” is active, delightful, pouring, pioneering, thrilling, radical … In contrast to familiar “pop music” people listening to new music are often torn between contrapositive emotions. They laugh and cry at the very moment, some just can't get enough, others refuse to continue listening.

For a better understanding of new music I recorded listeners emotions and staged their visual imaginations. You can see the result in the following shortfilm (Music: “Symphony No 3” composed by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki).

Just Neoclassicism